Deon and Wife Yolanda Crowder Founder of I AM THAT I AM MINISTRIES.  I have been studying the Word of God for many years now and as a child, I always knew that there was more to God’s Word then what was commonly taught. Although Common sense is not common anymore with these one verse Charlies of the world today, my faith started to decrease. Listening to the same old story about what the pastor use to do and what he use to be. I would walk out of that church and ask myself this question: What did I just learn for the past two hours? If you answered, I just learned more about man than God's Word, then you feel the same way I did. This is not God's word being taught, it is the Traditions Of Man and we know  that God's Word tells us that the Traditions Of Man make Void The Word Of God (MATT 15:6). This is why I was not growing closer to the Father which is in Heaven. Hosea 4:6 God tells us "My people parish for lack of knowledge". So I was not willing to attend a bible study any longer that was more like a mini Sunday service or even listen to his or her Story. This means that your testimony is very much a part of ministry but it is Not the Service!! The Mark of a blessed church is BIBLE STUDY (Not Money, Not Man) which simply mean, "Studying The Bible"! 

So God gave me a vision and a duty to study to show my self-approved unto God, (Not To Man)  A workmen that needeth not to be ashamed ( God will not let you be ashamed of what he has given you in wisdom) rightly dividing the Word of Truth. God has given us this letter (The Bible) to learn about Him, you come second. It is for this reason the Word tells us to Seek ye First the Kingdom of Heaven and Second All things will be Added unto You. We hear at I AM THAT I AM MINISTRIES (with God's guidance) brings forth God’s word chapter by chapter and verse by verse with translation/ transliteration of the Hebrew, Greek and the Chaldean Tongue> (Greek - glossa = language = one naturally unacquired) that God's word was originally written in. This will ensure that all God’s children will have that chance at spiritual completeness. This is what our duties are!

In His Service;

Deon & Yolanda Crowder.